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Frank H. Netter MD School of Medicine Office of Equity, Inclusion and Diversity

The Office of Equity, Inclusion and Diversity within the Frank H. Netter MD School of Medicine is deeply committed to promoting an inclusive culture of belonging among students, staff, faculty, senior leaders and healthcare partners. The Office is responsible for designing and implementing initiatives that foster an inclusive and excellence-driven community, conducting research and scholarship on equity, inclusion and diversity, and recruiting and retaining a diverse student body.

Commitment to Diversity

The Office of Equity, Inclusion and Diversity is charged with:

  1. Designing the overall leadership, vision, and strategy to advance equity and inclusion across our mission areas.

  2. Promoting an inclusive culture of belonging.

  3. Enhancing the recruitment, success and retention of diverse senior leaders, faculty and staff.

  4. Liaising with university leadership and healthcare partners to promote initiatives that foster an inclusive, excellence-driven community.

  5. Conducting research and scholarship on key topics.

  6. Mentoring students and faculty with an interest in equity, inclusion and diversity.

We are an educational institution that values diversity of thought and experience. We are eager to welcome all who wish to join us in this pursuit. We recognize that those students who have persevered despite economic and other challenges have a wealth of transferrable skills that are invaluable to the health care profession.

We believe it is a global imperative to educate future physicians who not only treat the communities they serve, but also reflect them. We are committed to having our future physician workforce overcome the painful history of racism and discrimination in medicine.

To these ends, we aspire to be a teaching and learning community that celebrates equity, inclusion and diversity.

Faculty Spotlight

Trevor Sutton poses for a picture
School of Medicine award recognizes promotion of equity, inclusion, diversity and anti-racism
Anesthesiologist Trevor Sutton, MD, MBA, CPE, is honored to be one of the first recipients of the Promotion of Equity, Inclusion, Diversity and Anti-Racism Faculty Awards of the Frank H. Netter MD School of Medicine. Sutton was among several faculty recognized with special awards during the 2023 Faculty Celebration of the School of Medicine on June 1.
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Our Leadership

Student Spotlight

presenter at pearls event
School of Medicine students offer ‘PEARLS’ of wisdom

January 23, 2023

Terry Muldoon can’t wait to be a doctor someday, but that dream includes serving all patients, not just those who conform to certain gender identities. 
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Our Reputation

Ranked #26 in the country as having the most diverse medical school enrollment composed of underrepresented minority students

U.S News & World Report

Student Spotlight

Caurice Wynter, MD `22 smiles in a portrait.
School of Medicine student hopes her pandemic experience benefits future doctors
Caurice Wynter, MD `22, was celebrating her mother’s birthday at her family’s Bronx home in March when she received the call. Wynter, a fourth-year student in the Frank H. Netter MD School of Medicine, learned she would not be resuming her surgical rotation at Waterbury Hospital. All of the School of Medicine’s students were pulled from their rotation sites due to the worsening COVID-19 pandemic.
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Our Journey to Inclusive Excellence

In Spring 2021, we introduced the university’s first Equity and Inclusion Report. It tracks a variety of key initiatives that are building a culture of inclusive excellence, reports on the progress we are making, and spotlights the students, faculty and staff who are bringing this important work to life. 

Download the reports:

Fall 2023 report (PDF)

Spring 2022 report (PDF)

Spring 2021 report (PDF)

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