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Frank H. Netter MD School of Medicine Strategic Plan

The Frank H. Netter MD School of Medicine has launched a new strategic plan – Painting a Brighter Healthcare Future for All. We are excited to enter this next chapter of our growth and development. Please join us on this journey as we boldly paint a brighter and more equitable healthcare future for all.

Painting a Brighter Healthcare Future for All

Strategic Plan Infographic

Painting a Brighter Healthcare Future for All articulates our intent to continue our journey of excellence in medical education while expanding our educational footprint, cultivating scholarship, and deepening and broadening our commitment to caring for our internal and external communities.

Guiding our strategic plan are three principles, rooted in the pursuit of equity: Equity in Medical Education, Health Care, and Community Health and Well-Being.

In support of these guiding principles, our new plan identifies four focused strategic priorities – Caring for our Community, Transforming Medical Education, Cultivating Scholarship, and Catalyzing Collaborations – and a singular cross-cutting priority – Advancing Equity.


September 2022: Engage members of Netter’s community through interviews, focus groups and surveys

October – December 2022: Develop and prioritize strategic opportunities based on broad community input

January 2023 – February 2023: Share the strategic plan framework with the Netter community and begin drafting the strategic plan document

March 2023: Finalize the strategic plan and prepare for execution

Download the strategic plan (PDF)

Steering Committee

  • Gabby Ceccolini, Director Standardized Patient and Assessment Center

  • Charles Collier, Assistant Dean for Equity, Inclusion and Diversity

  • Lisa Coplit, MD, Associate Dean for Faculty Development; Professor of Medical Sciences

  • Kelly Crusio, PhD, Associate Professor of Medical Sciences

  • Lyuba Konopasek, MD, Senior Associate Dean for Education; Professor of Medical Sciences

  • Steve Paik, MD, Associate Dean for Student Affairs; Associate Professor of Medical Sciences

  • Tony Payne, PhD, Associate Professor of Medical Sciences; FOM I Course Director

  • Ingrid Philibert, PhD, Senior Director of Accreditation, Measurement & Educational Scholar

  • Saleh Rahman, MD, PhD, Associate Dean for Equity, Inclusion, and Diversity

  • Mara Saccente, Director of Administration; Interim Director of Medical Education

  • Listy Thomas, MD, Assistant Dean, Simulation SOM; Affiliated Clinical Medical Faculty

Ex Officio
  • Phillip Boiselle, MD, Dean of the Frank H. Netter MD School of Medicine; William and Barbara Weldon Dean’s Chair in Medicine

  • David Donnarummo, Director of Finance 

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