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The Rural Family Medicine Residency program at the Frank H. Netter MD School of Medicine at Quinnipiac University proudly hosts a diverse and talented group of residents. Drawn from across the country and around the globe, these dedicated medical professionals bring a rich array of experiences and perspectives to the program. Their commitment to delivering comprehensive healthcare in rural settings exemplifies the program's mission to address the unique needs of underserved communities. Through rigorous training and a supportive learning environment, these residents are poised to become leaders in family medicine, equipped to make a meaningful impact on the health and well-being of rural populations.

Meet Our Residents

Dr. Taylor Abelli, MD

Resident, PGY-1
Ross University School of Medicine, Barbados

Dr. Taylor Abelli comes to us from nearby Cheshire, CT. A graduate of Eastern Connecticut State University, Dr. Abelli's special interests in medicine lie in continuity of care stemming from her experience as an EMT where the lack of closure was frustrating. She chose this program because it aligns perfectly with her goals and background — as a Connecticut native, returning home after studying abroad and completing rotations in three different states was a natural decision. The supportive faculty and collaborative environment, coupled with the resources provided by the partnership between Quinnipiac and Hartford HealthCare, offer unparalleled opportunities for education and career advancement. Additionally, the dual hospital locations provide diverse experiences in urban, suburban and rural settings to effectively prepare to serve a wide range of patients in the future.

Dr. Abelli finds fulfillment in witnessing generational changes within families and individuals spanning from prenatal to palliative stages and building long-term relationships with patients. She also values being the primary point of contact for her patients' healthcare, taking pride in providing incremental and preventive care in family medicine and ultimately saving lives every day. Outside of the field, Dr. Abelli enjoys playing volleyball and softball, supporting the New York Giants, snowboarding, spending time with her fiancé, dog and cat, reading, spending time outdoors, playing board games and engaging in anything competitive.

Dr. Gregory Haller, MD

Resident, PGY-1
St. George's University, True Blue, Grenada

Dr. Gregory Haller comes to our program from St. George's University by way of Mount Saint Vincent University and Lower Sackville, Nova Scotia. He takes special interest in sexual health, pediatrics and medical education, and joined our program because of the genuine, welcoming feeling he received from all of the staff. The program provides good opportunities to explore the fields of medicine, learn and practice in a new setting while still being relatively close to family back home.

Outside of the field, Dr. Haller enjoys playing Dungeons & Dragons as well as painting his own miniatures to use on the tabletop. Dr. Haller is a lifelong video game player and has been working on collecting retro games as of late. He also enjoy making wood carvings.

Dr. Mohir Pokharel, MD

Resident, PGY-1
Kathmandu Medical College, Kathmandu University, Nepal

Dr. Mohir Pokharel comes to our program from Nepal, also known as the Land of the Himalayas, where Mt. Everest and seven of the fourteen tallest mountains in the world are located. His journey in medicine has always been serving a rural community and his experiences and future goals match our program's objectives. In practice, Dr. Pokharel has always cared for ailing individuals and aims to bring smiles with an ultimate goal of significantly changing an individual's life. He also loves mentoring and tutoring students. In his free time, Dr. Pokharel enjoys playing and watching cricket and celebrating different festivals.

Dr. Domenico Schirripa, MD

Resident, PGY-1
Xavier University School of Medicine, Oranjestad, Aruba

Dr. Domenico Schirripa comes to us from Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. He completed his undergraduate education at the University of Western Ontario in London, Ontario, Canada. He has a special interest in both sports medicine and emergency medicine, and selected the Rural Family Medicine Residency in part due to admiration and respect for the people involved in running the program, who are committed to the organization's success and making us the best physicians we can be. Outside of the field, Dr. Schirripa is a huge hockey fan and supports the Toronto Maple Leafs. His other interests are in the outdoors, mainly camping and hiking with his wife and dog.

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